Root Canal Treatment

If teeth become damaged and infected through trauma, failing fillings or deep decay root canal treatment may be the only option to save and retain a tooth. The tooth is cleaned of infection and a rubber seal placed within the tooth to stop the infection reoccurring. Often the tooth may require a crown for long term strength and protection.

All our dental practitioners provide routine root canal treatment. We also have our resident, experienced dental surgeon Dr Venkatesh Ankam whom has years of experience and has a Diploma in Endodontics. He is currently undertaking a Masters degree in this field of dentistry and with his special interest in root canal treatment he uses the latest in Endodontic technology to provide the highest level of treatment for more complex cases. This procedure can normally be carried out in one session with a high level of success.

Dr Ankam also now accepts referrals from dental practitioners from the surrounding area.

We also provide 0% finance to help spread the cost of treatments. Call one of our team for more information or email us at